Convention Highlights

This year’s Convention was an amazing event, with dozens of great workshops, speakers and networking opps. But I decided to pick just a few highlights to feature in this blog post, to give you a small taste of the event.

1. The Honor Gala: Seeing all the NSCS chapters get recognized for their great work was wonderful! And I especially loved seeing  Alexander Flowers being recognized for his role in starting two NSCS chapters (St. Xavier, and soon a chapter at Roosevelt University), and Lisa Benoit receiving a $15,000 grant to help developmentally disabled people.

2 . Talking to attendees about their Red Rubber Ball: Kevin Carroll, a motivational speaker/writer, gave an amazing speech about how people can find their passions and goals in life. And it starts with creating a “box of magic”, a cardboard box that represents who they are, their interests, aspirations and more. We have some cool video footage that we’ll post to our Facebook Fan page very soon.

3.  The Day of Service: For the day of service, NSCS members helped Littles from Big Brothers/Big Sisters make their “box of magic.”  Watching those kids talk about their loves, lives and hopes inspired me to apply for the Big Sisters’ program, and I think it had a similar impact on several of our members.

4. Greeting students at the airport/metro: I got to do airport duty this time, and meet students just as they were getting to baggage claim. A lot of them were clearly happy to see me! Always nice to see a friendly face when you get off the plane.

Check out our pix of Convention.


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