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The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS): We’re the awesome honor society (we hear this from members all the time).  Here’s how it works: Make sure NSCS has a chapter on your campus, study hard when you get to college, get an official invitation to join from NSCS (we only invite the top 20%) & make the smart decision to join. We will then start providing you with a lifetime of benefits. What exactly can we do for you? Click here to find out!

Meet the Scoopers (the dedicated people delivering you fresh, informative and always smart scoop):

Stephen E. Loflin
Steve is the Executive Director and Founder of NSCS. As an undergraduate and throughout his professional career he has been focused on the academic success of first and second year college students.  He got the idea to start NSCS in the early 90’s  while working at The George Washington University. He noticed that there were some pretty great honor societies but realized, more than anything, that there needed to be one truly amazing honor society that was active, engaging and creating a lifetime of benefits and opportunities for its members.   NSCS was started on April 30, 1994 and is now making a difference and creating value for members who have joined chapters on campuses in every state, DC and Pureto Rico.  WOW!  Are you a member?  You can learn more about Steve here.

Mishri Someshwar
Mishri is NSCS’  Manager, Outreach-Communications.  She writes content for the Web site, e-mails and press releases, and manages NSCS’ PR initiatives. In her free time she does cultural-ish things around DC, reads blogs and hangs out with friends and family. Her pet peeve is any use of the phrase “out-of-the-box” or “outside-the-box.” You can contact her at someshwar(AT)nscs.org (take out the (AT) and replace it with the @ sign).

Phil Herbert

Phil is NSCS’ Manager, Outreach-Invitations. He works with NSCS’ membership. This is his first blog. Born in Wisconsin and raised in Utah, Phil is an avid skier and political aficionado. In his spare time he likes to ride his bike, travel the world, and see all the culture in DC. He once won 600 games of FreeCell in a row. To learn more about Phil listen to his interview here.

Bailey Kasten
Bailey Kasten is a native of small-town Iowa, but now calls Washington, D.C. her home. Bailey moved to D.C. in 2001 as she came to American University to study political science and learn in the nation’s capital. She graduated in 2005 with a B.A. in Political Science. Bailey has been a lifetime member of NSCS since 2002 and has worked in the NSCS national office since 2004. As Manager of Operations, she works with training and development for the national office staff and manages the NSCS interns. Outside of the office, she enjoys reading, salsa dancing, and enjoying the abundant events and happenings of Washington, DC.

Lindsay Bowen
Lindsay is the Senior Director of Chapter Development for NSCS, helping students and faculty throughout the country in starting NSCS chapters on their campuses. Lindsay was born and raised in Fairfax County, Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2000, which means she is a die-hard Hokie Football fan and still calls the ‘Burg home! Lindsay has been a part of the NSCS family since 2005 and now works remotely from Lincoln, New Hampshire, population 1,200 (city girl in small town = quite an adjustment). In her free time, Lindsay enjoys (the list is too long, but you’ll find out through the blog posts) and LEAST enjoys hearing the answer “no.”

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