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Convention Highlights

This year’s Convention was an amazing event, with dozens of great workshops, speakers and networking opps. But I decided to pick just a few highlights to feature in this blog post, to give you a small taste of the event.

1. The Honor Gala: Seeing all the NSCS chapters get recognized for their great work was wonderful! And I especially loved seeing  Alexander Flowers being recognized for his role in starting two NSCS chapters (St. Xavier, and soon a chapter at Roosevelt University), and Lisa Benoit receiving a $15,000 grant to help developmentally disabled people.

2 . Talking to attendees about their Red Rubber Ball: Kevin Carroll, a motivational speaker/writer, gave an amazing speech about how people can find their passions and goals in life. And it starts with creating a “box of magic”, a cardboard box that represents who they are, their interests, aspirations and more. We have some cool video footage that we’ll post to our Facebook Fan page very soon.

3.  The Day of Service: For the day of service, NSCS members helped Littles from Big Brothers/Big Sisters make their “box of magic.”  Watching those kids talk about their loves, lives and hopes inspired me to apply for the Big Sisters’ program, and I think it had a similar impact on several of our members.

4. Greeting students at the airport/metro: I got to do airport duty this time, and meet students just as they were getting to baggage claim. A lot of them were clearly happy to see me! Always nice to see a friendly face when you get off the plane.

Check out our pix of Convention.

Michael Uslan’s Inspirational Speech

A couple of hours ago I saw Michael Uslan talk about how he transformed his love for comic books into a full-fledged career in comic book writing and movie making (he’s the  executive producer behind the Batman movies).

Uslan talked about some really interesting things that I found really inspiring:

1. It’s worth following your passion even when it’s something unusual or even weird: People thought Uslan was crazy when he wanted to create a comic books course at Indiana University and when he wanted to buy the rights to Batman comics. But he knew it was his passion, and he’d find a way to turn that comic book into movies.

2. Even as you follow your passion, don’t forget to put your family first: Uslan and his wife raised their family in NJ, near his parents, rather than Beverly Hills. In the short term, it meant that he had to spend a week per month in LA, doing 10 meetings a day. But in the long run, it meant that his children were well settled, grounded, and  close to their grandparents.

3. 95 percent of people wait for opportunities to come to them; be part of the 5 percent that gets up and does something: This was an epiphany for me. It always seems as if you’re competing with SO many people to get a job or an opportunity, but it really is a small handful who’re focused, dedicated and want to get somewhere, who you’re competing with.

I have one beef with Uslan though: he’s the guy who wrote the Archie Comic series where Archie chooses Veronica! How awful. I sided with Betty all the way.

All in all, very awesome. If he ever speaks at a venue near you, make sure to go.

At NSCS Leadership Summit/Convention

This is my third NSCS convention and summit and it’s been amazing so far!

Today’s the summit day, which means that NSCS officers are being trained on how to run their chapters effectively. They learnt about everything from how to run community service programs to managing their budget to engaging members and potential members effectively.

It’s been really cool watching officers take in the information and get inspired to do something great with their chapters.

I did some interviews with officers, so look for those in the near future.

NSCS Convention Coming Up!

Next week, NSCS’ Leadership Summit and Convention will officially begin.

This is my third Summit/Convention and I’m really looking forward to it.

Aside from leadership development and career workshops, we have inspirational speakers, and networking opportunities.  The best part is seeing motivated, excited NSCS members respond to the workshops, presentations and speeches.

Starting next Thursday, we will be blogging and tweeting Summit/Convention highlights.

You can find us on Twitter at, and of course add our blog to your feed reader so you can follow along through the Convention!

NSCS Members Share Ten Most Important Employer Attributes

Each year NSCS members participate in a survey that is conducted by Universum which provides insight into how undergraduates perceive employer brands and how students are making decisions about places they would be willing to pursue for employment.  This year 10,060 NSCS members participated in the survey that included 60,930 total students participants.

Claudia Tattanelli, CEO of Universum, came to Washington to share the results of the survey with our partners. As expected the NSCS participants have higher gpas – 3.7 compared to to 3.4 of general undergraduate participants.  NSCS members also showed to be more interested in public service opportunities (Peace Corps and Teach for America) which also gets at a core NSCS value – the community service aspect of our mission .  The Peace Corps, Teach for America and City Year have been working with NSCS for several years to attract our members to their opportunities.

When it comes to salary expectations, NSCS members expect to make $46,350 in their first year compared to $48,050 general undergraduates.  At five years after graduation, NSCS members expect to make $71,121 compared to $75,114.  Claudia stated that NSCS members are probably more realistic although both may be high given the current economy.

NSCS members also identified the following ten qualities as most important employer attributes:

1 – Will enable me to have a good work life balance

2 – Offers a friendly work environment

3 – Secure employment

4 – Good reputation

5 – High ethical standards

6 – Good prospects for high future earnings

7 – Flexible working conditions

8 – Offers a creative and dynamic work environment

9 – Professional training and development

10 – Clear path for advancement

NSCS has an employer partnership program where we work to connect our high achieving students and young alumni with companies and organizations that are a good fit for us. This is great information for NSCS when we are discussing partnership possibilities.  Knowing these attributes are important considerations for our members…we will want to make sure our partners can deliver.