NSCS Members Share Ten Most Important Employer Attributes

Each year NSCS members participate in a survey that is conducted by Universum which provides insight into how undergraduates perceive employer brands and how students are making decisions about places they would be willing to pursue for employment.  This year 10,060 NSCS members participated in the survey that included 60,930 total students participants.

Claudia Tattanelli, CEO of Universum, came to Washington to share the results of the survey with our partners. As expected the NSCS participants have higher gpas – 3.7 compared to to 3.4 of general undergraduate participants.  NSCS members also showed to be more interested in public service opportunities (Peace Corps and Teach for America) which also gets at a core NSCS value – the community service aspect of our mission .  The Peace Corps, Teach for America and City Year have been working with NSCS for several years to attract our members to their opportunities.

When it comes to salary expectations, NSCS members expect to make $46,350 in their first year compared to $48,050 general undergraduates.  At five years after graduation, NSCS members expect to make $71,121 compared to $75,114.  Claudia stated that NSCS members are probably more realistic although both may be high given the current economy.

NSCS members also identified the following ten qualities as most important employer attributes:

1 – Will enable me to have a good work life balance

2 – Offers a friendly work environment

3 – Secure employment

4 – Good reputation

5 – High ethical standards

6 – Good prospects for high future earnings

7 – Flexible working conditions

8 – Offers a creative and dynamic work environment

9 – Professional training and development

10 – Clear path for advancement

NSCS has an employer partnership program where we work to connect our high achieving students and young alumni with companies and organizations that are a good fit for us. This is great information for NSCS when we are discussing partnership possibilities.  Knowing these attributes are important considerations for our members…we will want to make sure our partners can deliver.


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