Choose your path, don’t let it choose you.

How many times do you hear about people just out of college taking a job that they aren’t really excited about, but justify it by saying, “I am just going to work here for a few years until I pay off my loans, then I’ll do what I really want to do?”

You know what happens most of the time? These people wake up and they are ten years older, and they are stuck in a career that they never wanted, and now they’re so entrenched they don’t see a way out. We all make compromises in our lives, giving up some of our own wealth and well being in exchange for doing some good for the world.

I think it’s important to ask ourselves every so often what it would be like to give up a little bit of money to go after that dream job; and it’s also important to ask the other question. What would happen if you took a more selfish approach? Would you be better off?

This article says that there are no right answers, but it’s important to think about.


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