How Much Green Does Your Garden Grow?

Bruce Horovitz of USA Today recently documented a new recession trend: Vegetable Gardening. Yes, this old fashioned staple of American life is back in style. While most retail is suffering, seed companies are seeing double digit growth rates.

This new recession trend is really an all-star trifecta of the recession buzzwords of 2009:

Buzzword #1: Michelle Obama:

The First Lady is definitely the new spokeswoman for home gardening. Her new White House vegetable garden was all over the media and has earned her a ton of praise for showcasing good nutrition and economic value. What are her main veggies of choice? Mostly leafy greens and herbs (No beets- the President is not a fan).

Buzzword #2: Green Living

What could be more green than gardening? Make yours organic, add some composting and you’ll be the green envy of the neighborhood.

Buzzword #3: Staycations

Where last year you may have been headed across country or overseas,  there’s a good chance you’re wondering how to amuse yourself at home instead. All that extra time on your hands leaves open a good time slot for all that summer weeding and toiling a true veggie garden requires.

Sadly, as an apartment dweller, this is one trend I’ll be sitting out. To those of you with land for growing, don’t forget me when you turn your summer harvest into homemade salsa.


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