15 years ago today, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, held its first induction ceremony welcoming new members at The George Washington University.

The idea behind NSCS is incredibly simple, yet unique. It is the first interdisciplinary honors organization to recognize high-achieving college students who made a successful transition from high school to college–all our members join during their freshman or sophomore years.

When Steve Loflin had the idea 15 years ago, while Director of Student Activities at The George Washington University, no one else had thought to tap into this demographic of high-achievers.

But in doing so, Steve  reached a group of extraordinary people– people on the cusp of recognizing their potential and knowing how big an impact they could have on the world.

So here we are– 15 years later. We’ve gone from one chapter at GW to 237 chapters in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. We now have more than 1,500 student officer across the country, dozens of corporate partners and affiliates and a staff of more than 20 individuals, dedicated to making a difference in members’ lives.

As for me, I joined NSCS a few months after its 13th anniversary. I didn’t  realize at the time how much I’d learn and how much I’d get to do. And every day, even in the middle of the grind of work, I’m inspired– by the stories of hardworking officers,  committed faculty advisors, and outstanding members.

To celebrate 15 years, we created this sub-site (more like a sub-section) highlighting members and moments in NSCS history. Take a look.


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