Never too late to plan for a super successful summer

Summer’s coming up, but do you have plans? If not, here are some suggestions for things you can do that are enjoyable and helpful for the future:

1. Spend 10 weeks this summer in China: FYI– this is about a program NSCS (my employer)  runs– the China Professional Training and Language Academy.

It’s a 10-week program this summer that includes 100 hours of Mandarin language training, a TEFL certification, a month-long internship teaching English and two weeks of travel that includes 11 Chinese cities.

It’s a very cool program and I’m super jealous of all the lucky people who’re doing it.If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at (replace the AT with an @ sign). Application deadline is April 30.

2. Intern: It’s never too late to find an internship in your home town or near college. Look at your college’s career center Web site, check out, or ask locally when you’re back home. Volunteering at a local nonprofit ALSO counts, so make sure to do it and keep track of what you learned while you were there.

3. Work fulltime for the extra cash: Don’t despair if you’re doing a summer job to make cash and aren’t getting that internship experience you wanted (but couldn’t afford).

What matters is what you learn and get out of it, not the prestigious name of the company. Analyze your experience throughout the course of your summer job and write a little note about it after you’re done. This could be useful at an internship or job interview– you can talk about concrete work skills you learned through this experience.

4. Do a combo of #2 and #3: This is what I did for one summer. As an international student, I couldn’t seek paid employment off campus or get a paid internship.  So I did a combo– I got an unpaid internship at a local nonprofit I liked, and I combined it with being a tour guide on campus.


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