Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Do you have a recycling bin? Chances are you do.

Recycling is something that has become part of our daily lives. People my age grew up at a time when there was a big push in this country to start recycling. Since then, recycling has become part of the fabric of our society, something we take pride in. We each make (or should make) an effort to recycle and encourage our fellow citizens to do the same.

But do we do enough? Do we think to recycle  more than our bottles and soda cans?

The answer is no, most of us don’t– yet. But all it takes is a little extra effort to really make a difference for our planet. For example, did you know you could recycle your electronics? Electronics like telephones, radios, TVs, computers and cell phones can and should all be recycled in addition to your bottles, cans and newspapers. These products have the potential to cause the most environmental damage, because of their hazardous ingredients.

What about your car? Do you know what to do with old motor oil? Do you know if you can recycle transmission fluid?

These “other” recyclable items can be found in your home and garden and cause a lot of trouble to the environment. Visit www.earth911.com to find out how to take care of these harmful agents.

In addition to recycling, there are other simple ways to conserve and protect the environment from inside your  home. To reduce harmful pollutants in the environment, simply switch to  bio-degradable, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Here are my top picks for non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products:

Method Products (my personal favorite)
Clorox Green Works
Seventh Generation
Simple Green

Today is Earth Day. This year, I’m going to make an effort to recycle more of the “other” recyclables and do a better job of encouraging my friends and family to use products from the list above. I encourage you to do the same. Start today, live it every day.

To find out where and how you can recycle your “other “recyclables and to read more about recycling, visit earth911.com And remember, we have the power to decide how much or how little we do. Make a little extra effort and make a bigger impact on the world.


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