Hosting Brunch: The perfect way to start a home

Like many young people in the midst of establishing their own household for the first time, I have decided to host a meal for a group of friends. Playing hostess (or host) and sharing your cooking is a great way to start developing what your house (or apartment, as in my case) is all about. You share your passion and showcase your skills.  Dinner is not my thing- not yet. I think it’s too serious for my group of friends. Brunch is definitely the way to go – you can go all out like you would for dinner, but there aren’t as many rules and it’s not as stuffy.  And what else is everyone doing on Saturday morning anyway?

So, here’s my preparation list:

  1. Get new placemats – a must to add character and color
  2. Buy cloth napkins (essential for both the homey feeling and for impressing the pants off your guests)
  3. Plan a fancy and likely to go horribly wrong menu (why not set the bar high?)
  4. Put together a vase of fresh cut flowers (your guests won’t be able to pinpoint why they thought your apartment was fabulous, but trust me, it’s the flowers)
  5. Make sure all the details are in place (i.e. “Do you take cream in your coffee? Because I have Regular, Fat Free, and French Vanilla.”)

I hope that after all this work my guests and I will have a wonderful experience that feels distinctly part of my personal style.


One Response

  1. I was a guest at this brunch, and I can vouch that yes, the flowers were an elegant touch. Everything ran smoothly and appeared almost effortless, because it was so well-planned. Most of all, it was fun to gather with my friends on a Saturday morning and catch up over three delicious courses.

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