Twitter Is A New Opportunity for Opportunities

I was wading through twitter messages one Sunday evening when I noticed a retweet about someone who was trying to raise money to attend SXSW in Austin.  I took the bait and clicked through and without really thinking donated $100.  The first reaction I got when sharing my enthusiasm for what I had done was…are you crazy?  Actually, just about everyone I told about my contribution had a similar response.

Nadia Payan is an amazing person (and a Florida Gator) who works for a search engine marketing firm in New York.  After realizing that attending SXSW was not affordable for her this year she asked some of her twitter connections for suggestions.  The best idea was to tweet it out and see if she could get any financial support.

The beauty was that she wasn’t asking for a hand out…she was willing to work for my brand for an entire day for a minimum $100 contribution.

Of course, I am not really a brand so I thought it would be cool to spend my $100 and have her represent NSCS.  The deal was that she would wear an NSCS T-shirt, attend one session representing NSCS and she would talk about NSCS to anyone and everyone who would listen for an entire day.  I thought that sounded reasonable.  Using Tipjoy, Nadia was able to collect donations through Twitter and she successfully attended SXSW in Austin.

I also attended SXSW for the first time this year.  It was a great experience and meeting Nadia was a highlight.  She was very interested in knowing all she could know about NSCS.  Fortunately we have a great chapter at the University of Florida and she was aware of us. She also went above and beyond to bring together several of her sponsors so we could all chat about how smart we were to invest in Nadia’s adventure.

I actually did a quick flip interview with Nadia and she shares some of her ideas about college decisions, job searching and getting the most out of internship experiences.

I titled the video Life is An Experience Waiting to Be Created.  I feel that Nadia shows us through her creative effort that if you want something to become a reality…there is always a way to make things happen for yourself.  I often tell people that hope is not a business strategy and Nadia showed me through her effort that she was creating a way to make her SXSW experience a reality.

I realized that is why I never thought I was crazy for responding…I think I would have been crazy not to.

Nadia Payan's SXSW Adventure


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for featuring me and sharing the SXSWi Or Bust story as well as for having NSCS sponsor me for a day, Steve!

    NSCS members, feel free to contact me if you ever need someone to chat with, want to know more about this sponsorship, etc. You can find me on Twitter as @nadiapayan

    Nadia 🙂

  2. […] Below is the video interview Steve Loflin did and for the full article he wrote, click here. […]

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