You are what you tweet

I’ve just finished reading two articles about people tweeting themselves right out of a job.

All the hard work they put into preparing, researching and making a great impression on their potential employer or clients and a simple tweet ruined it all.

A man on a business trip commented on the dreariness of a town he was staying in to do a presentation for clients on Twitter. He wrote “If I had to live here I’d go crazy.” That one line caught the attention of the company to which he was presenting and they sent him a long letter objecting to the insult of their beloved town. They were “very disappointed” and felt it was “inappropriate.” No doubt they sent a similar letter to the man’s supervisor.

Another article was about a man who was just offered a job and was so excited about the paycheck he just had to tweet about it. Unfortunately, he also had to share that the commute was going to be a problem and that he “hated the work” he would be doing.
Someone from the company that had just hired him responded with: “Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work …” Oops!

When using any social media tool, don’t underestimate who might be looking. Just because you interviewed for a large, seemingly-cold corporation, don’t think people from the corporation aren’t social media savvy. More organizations are using new media for many purposes, including checking out their would-be employees. So, watch what you tweet!


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