How you can give a child a book with just one click

In a few weeks, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) will celebrate its 15th anniversary. As we were deciding how to commemorate it, we thought of one thing: giving back.

So we decided to commemorate our 15th anniversary on April 30, by making a donation to First Book, an organization that provides books to disadvantaged kids.

You can help: become a Facebook Fan of NSCS and ask your friends to do the same, because we’re going to donate 10 cents for each NSCS Facebook Fan on our page on April 30. This way, each member of NSCS is responsible for the size of the gift. After all, we’re making this donation on behalf of the thousands of NSCS members who are making a difference everyday.

We’ve nearly reached 9,000 fans, so we’ll donate at least $900 to First Book-that’s equivalent to 900 books.

If we reach 15,000 fans by April 30, we’ll donate $1,500. That’s about 1,500 books.

If you want to help give the gift of reading and learning, become a Fan now, and share the link with your friends, so they can help too.


One Response

  1. Great job on deciding to give back as a way to celebrate! Keep on giving.

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