Don’t Just Stand There

Have you ever wondered what great opportunities you’ve missed in life?  With my college years past me I’ve started to think about all the things that I could have been involved in but wasn’t and how different I would be with those experiences under my belt.

One such experience I missed but still wonder about is studying abroad. What a wonderful and unique experience. How much can you learn about yourself when you travel to another country? How much can you learn about that country and really, how much bigger an adventure can you have than jumping out of your comfort zone into a foreign country?

Your study abroad adventure may even send your life in a different direction and you may decide to join an international organization like the Peace Corps or  teach English in another country. You might discover things about yourself and the world you may never have otherwise.

And when you graduate, the many opportunities you have at your fingertips now – people arranging the trip for you, planning, getting everything organized – disappears. If you want to travel abroad after college, it becomes much more difficult. So take advantage of the many opportunities you have while in college. If you’re thinking you might like something don’t just stand there, do it.

NSCS has some resources in this area to help you:

-We have a China study abroad program in the summer for students with minimal knowledge of Mandarin.

-We offer a $5,000 study abroad scholarship in the fall and spring, and $2,500 in the summer.

-We also offer a NECA Study Abroad scholarship in Florence, Italy.

-And, if you participate in the Semester at Sea program, we offer one $7,000 scholarship for   fall and spring semesters, respectively.


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