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It’s About the Results!

I’m pretty lucky with the job that I have in that I am able to travel quite a bit. While I’m traveling I love reading the magazines on each airplane. They always, for some reason, have the most unique articles that aren’t in your typical everyday reading.

In one of these magazines a topic caught my eye and has stayed with me for quite some time. It was about ROWE – a Results-Only Work Environment.  It’s like Tim Ferriss’ Four-Hour Work Week.

Today, with our economy, many corporations and even Colleges and Universities are cutting back on time spent in the office or even laying people off to cut back costs. As I know several people affected by these hardships my mind keeps going back to the idea of ROWE. For me, this would be the most ideal environment to work in. Your hours aren’t counted to prove how great you are– it’s the quality of your work that counts.

In ROWE you put the time in needed to complete and accomplish your goals. The end result is what matters and everyone supports each other in working towards that goal.

This train of thought led me to another perspective – College is all about ROWE. It’s like the quote from– don’t judge– Kidd Rock – “You Get What You Put In, and People Get What They Deserve. “

While some students slave away and put endless hours into studying, volunteering and the likes, other students seem to put less time and effort into their collegiate success. Although your roommate may spend the same amount of time in the classroom it’s the effort you put into the work that truly matters. The hours you spend, the blood, sweat, and tears you exude will lead to the results that you hope to achieve.

Don’t count the hours that you study, read, or spend researching – in the end it’s the final product that matters – that sweet smell of success when you get your diploma or land that perfect job. Be prepared to work for those results– whether it’s 5 hours or 50. Do what it takes to get where you need to be.

Start pursuing your goals with the Results-Only Work Environment attitude. When you work toward your goals and  achieve dreams,  you’ll feel the most important feeling of all: satisfaction.

If others question why they didn’t succeed – tell them what Kidd Rock said.


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