Job Security in a Bad Economy

Is anyone else over hearing about the economy? It seems like everywhere I go, everything I read, every time I turn on the TV or radio, it’s economy, economy, economy. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize the severity of the situation and how much people are struggling, but why does everything have to be “doom and gloom” these days?

Since a lot of you are either soon to be entering or currently in the job market, it makes sense to provide some information about where you can find jobs in a bad economy. I found an article on HR World, “The Top 25 Careers to Pursue in a Recession,” and thought it was really helpful and somewhat interesting.

As you can imagine, careers in healthcare, education, federal government and public safety are pretty consistent; we will always need these professionals. However, a few that I  found rather interesting – and a little sad/scary – were careers in funerals (that’s dark); gambling (ummmm, okkkaaaay); beauty and health services (we still need to look good, right?!); and bankruptcy Law (yikes!).

Check out the complete article here. You’ll see that there are careers for all majors, backgrounds and levels of experience. Also, as an NSCS member, you have exclusive access to NSCS Employer Partners and ScholarJobs. So, fear not, the opportunity is out there, you just need to find it and grab it!


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