A Person of Integrity

As I sit here during I Stand for Integrity Week, I have decided to write about someone that I think embodies integrity.

In the interest of integrity, I should probably write here that it was my brother-in-law, in fact, who suggested this idea. As we sit here as a family debating the possible choices (Gandhi, Lincoln, Washington, etc.), I have a hard time settling on a single person who fits this perfect ideal. I don’t want to be cynical, but every time we bring up one person, there seems to be some objection to the choice  or some dissatisfaction that the person we have reluctantly settled on is not the “best” example we can find. As a family, can we not agree on one shining representative of this ideal?

As we talk about all the meritorious deeds of the famous list of names we have assembled, our personal stories  come out ( returning lost money, cutting vacations short to care for a sick relative, etc.). Slowly, our real lesson develops. Perhaps we should focus on the impact we can make with our own daily small acts of integrity rather than wait for some celebrity, statesman or  politician to do the work for us.  Our calling became clear today: we must be our own person of integrity.


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