Going Green

So, I have a confession to make.

I thought of writing this post today when I was choosing a background for my personal blog and I SO wanted to choose “Benevolence” – the earthy theme with the grass image across the top (I still might). Is it OK if I’m “going green” because it’s cool?

I mean…

  • I love the color scheme associated with all of the “go green” paraphernalia
  • I LOVE the reusable bags – they are so cute and make it WAY easier to carry my groceries
  • I try to make it obvious when I use the blue trash bin at work so people notice my efforts
  • I somehow feel healthier when I throw down the extra ducats at the grocery store for the USDA Approved Organic foods
  • I gave up water bottles (Dasani, etc.) and opted for the environmentally friendly 40-oz water bottle instead (not my fave EF purchase, but I feel special when I use it)
  • I even asked my boyfriend if we could start COMPOSTING our trash after I saw this hip woman talking about it on TV…he just laughed, as we live in a condo.

I will admit that doing these things make me feel really good about myself and I have definitely gained a greater appreciation for our environment – although watching the “Planet Earth” series has helped – BUT…is it bad that this all started because I looked cute sporting my earth-toned reusable totes? I’m starting to feel like Cher in the movie “Clueless.”


2 Responses

  1. I love the reusable bags! Somehow they never make it out of my car though. So I end up using plastic or buying more bags. I need to work harder on that.

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