U R The Reason For Scholar Scoop

I remember when I would miss Sunday School as a kid I would get a postcard from my teacher that had a cute saying on the front: Guess who is missing at CH_ _ CH? UR!! I didn’t miss church very often because perfect attendance and being a good church going boy was important to me (and probably even more so to my parents). I started realizing, though, that I sometimes liked missing so I would get the postcard because it was a little reminder that someone noticed I wasn’t there. It was special attention and it felt good to be noticed.

Trying to be the teacher’s pet (a tendency I grew out of) one Sunday morning I stayed after class and asked if I could write a postcard to each person who actually was there and tell them it was fun having them in class and I looked forward to seeing them next week. There was probably no real reason they would care to see me the next week but it seemed more positive than making people feel almost guilty for missing. The real thing, as I shared my inspiration with the teacher, was that I was noticing them and they were getting mail. You didn’t get much mail as a kid…so that was obviously cool.

This postcard idea was successful and fun but I couldn’t send a postcard every week or it wouldn’t seem very genuine, right? So I decided that a newsletter especially for our class would be unique and special….and my teacher loved the idea. I started a newsletter, Church Chatter, that told my class about all of the ways we could get the most out of Sunday School, church and helping people in our community. It was interesting to see how much my Sunday School class involvement grew and I became “Sunday School famous” around church for simply helping people be informed and discover things that they could do to make a difference. It was fun.

I see Scholar Scoop as a similar great resource. I want to discover, share and tell you about great things that may help shape some aspect of your life. It will be fun to introduce you to ideas, topics, people, opportunities and experiences that may be useful to you and your future.

There occasionally may be things that are absolutely not even slightly interesting to you but can you take a moment and think of someone who may find it interesting and useful? If so, pass it along and share things with your friends. Remember people like to be noticed and everyone will especially like knowing that you are thinking about ways that they can be successful.

Who knew that Church Chatter would lead me down a path many years later to Scholar Scoop? Same concept really…I want you to be informed and excited about a variety of possibilities for your personal growth. The biggest difference now is my motivation which is mostly because this is fun! And, of course, the warm fuzzy feelings that come along with making the connections and knowing that Scholar Scoop has the potential to make a difference.

Did I mention that I got beyond the constant striving to be the teacher’s pet? I really did!


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