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Workshop Highlights from Friday and Saturday

1. Future of Technology: Attendees got to try on the headset that allows you to use your mind to control the movement on the screen! I didn’t believe it was true, until I watched it, and it was pretty amazing. Emotiv, the company that makes this, fields hundreds of demo requests, so we were among the lucky few to get them to present. And it was totally worth it. I spoke to some attendees who tried it, so look for that in future blog posts and on our Web site.

2. Med school workshops– we had several of these, from how to get into med school to how to fund it. By the way, the University of Central Florida is offering fully-paid medical school seats at their newly-minted med school, so NSCS members who were present got a head-start on applying and getting in– they heard from the school’s dean.

3. Workshops on networking, interviewing and other job-getting skills: These workshops were led by experts from GEICO, Liberty Mutual, New York Life, and more. I especially heard lots of great feedback on the networking workshop, which was toallyhands-on– students stood up and practiced networking with each other.

4. Global Public Service:
This workshop was led by Peace Corps volunteers/ employees. It was an amazing way to get first-hand info on Peace Corps work and how to participate in the program. SO much better than just learning about it on a Web site and e-mailing to ask questions.

5. Scholarships 101
This workshop covered the basics of applying for scholarships, common mistakes people make and much more. I never realized how many local scholarship opportunities there are, and this workshop did a good job of highlighting that. I did an interview with one of the panelists, Kim Stezala, so look for that in the next few weeks.


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