Summit and Convention– a guide

If you’re just coming to this site and wondering what the overall schedule for next four days is, here’s what we’re doing:


  • On Thursday morning, the chapter officers will attend summit workshops that will prepare them to be THE best chapter officers they can be. This means they’re learning how to plan great events for NSCS members that inspire and engage. (To see who your chapter officers are, visit this page OR e-mail us at
  • On Thursday afternoon, the Convention officially begins! Our opening speaker is Tim Ferriss, who wrote the book “The Four-Hour Work Week.”

Friday: All our Convention workshops, which include The Future of Technology, How to Make the Most of your Liberal Arts Degree and so much more. Here’s a full list of all these workshops. I will be live-blogging some of them, so I hope you get a little taste of it.

Saturday: More workshops and the closing ceremony– including some great prizes for those who win our trivia contest. The contest is about the location of our next Convention– and we’re providing attendees with lots of clues to figure out where it’ll be.


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