3 Weeks until NSCS Convention 2008. Tick-Tock.

So in three weeks we will all be heading down to Orlando, FL to be at Convention. So far hundreds of members, exhibitors, presenters and beloved NSCS staff members will be converging on the Coronado Springs Resort to listen, learn, network and have a good time.

Some things that I’m most exhited about (in no particular order):

  • Seeing the speakers. Particularly Gideon Yago and Rory Kennedy. I watched “The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” last night on ON-Demand. It was so good.
  • Seeing the guys from Emotiv and their mind-controlled video games.
  • Getting to meet a whole bunch of grad schools, and employer partners.
  • Getting to meet all the members who we just know as email addresses and Facebook pictures.
  • Two words: Disney World

I’m super excited about it, and I know that all of the members will have an amazing experience. We’ll see you all soon!


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  1. […] It’s going to be awesome. If you have been following the blog at all, you know all of the cool people and events that are going to be there. Celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, the next generation of movers and […]

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