Eight Ways That NSCS Convention Can Help Anyone

Hi everyone! I’m Meredith Sweet, the former Vice President of Publicity for the California State University, Northridge chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I had the pleasure of attending the NSCS Convention in Philadelphia last year, and it was a blast! This year, the Convention promises to be even more exciting, with eight ways that Convention can help anyone:

  1. Schedules made just for Business majors
  2. Schedules made just for Education-related majors
  3. Schedules made just for English-related majors
  4. Schedules made just for Engineering-related majors
  5. Schedules made just for Life Sciences/Pre-Med-related majors
  6. Schedules made just for Political Science-related majors
  7. Schedules made just for Psychology-related majors
  8. Schedules for Undecided majors

Last year, there were a lot of great workshops to go to, but I, like many other NSCS members, found myself having to choose between one great one another fantastic-sounding one! Plus, tons of workshops sounded right up my alley, but I had no way of being sure without going there. But if I did that and it didn’t seem like something I was interested in, I ended up having to wander around late to another workshop -one that might not even have enough seats for newcomers!

This year, the national office takes all the guesswork out of choosing just which workshops to go to. They’ve created eight great schedules where you can enjoy the best parts of the convention and attend workshops that are in line with your major. In other words, there’s something for everyone!

Business Majors: Business and its related fields are extremely popular, so it’s no surprise that business majors have a schedule devoted completely to them. Business majors can learn about things like social entrepreneurship, teamwork, networking, scholarship applications, negotiating and communication skills. Plus, if you really want to put your business acumen to good use, you can participate in the Convention Challenge, a first-ever challenge for people not already participating in the Leadership Summit. Do you have that it takes to make the right decisions to run a world-class theme park? Not just any theme park, but a Disney theme park? Find out by participating in the Convention Challenge!

Education-related Majors: Future teachers, counselors, and administrators have workshops suited to their interests, too: one on Educational Inequity, whether graduate school is the right path, how to score in interviews, and much more. There’s even a spotlight workshop on international traveling, in case you want to teach abroad. Plus, you can test your teamwork and communication skills (necessary for any teacher, counselor, or administrator) by participating in the Convention Challenge.

English-related majors: If your first reaction to this category is ‘What exactly does
“English-related major” mean anyway?’ then let me share my discovery: it covers not only English majors like literature and writing, but also Journalism/Communications (like me!) and plenty of other Liberal Arts majors. There are a LOT of great workshops and talks that apply to majors across the board, but are especially useful to anybody with a liberal arts or humanities-focused degree.

Engineering-related majors: At my university, you can say you’re an “Engineering” major and it’s still not specific enough. You can be an Electrical Engineering major, a Mechanical Engineering major, or a Computer Engineering major– and I’m sure there are plenty more. So if you’re in any technical-related fields like the ones I mentioned, or even others, like Information Systems, Computer Science, or Civil and Applied Mechanics, be sure to check this workshop schedule out. With workshops like The Future of Technology and the Spotlight Workshop on Engineering, no matter how complex your major is, there’s bound to be something for you. Without Engineering majors, there would be no theme parks like Disney World. Engineering majors should definitely check out the Convention Challenge to see if they can manage the given resources and budget necessary to run a stellar resort.

Life-Sciences/ Pre-Med-related majors: I’ve got a lot of friends who are in life-sciences or Pre-Med majors, and I respect each and every one of them for their dedication. Science is no easy subject, and many people have aspirations of becoming doctors– which means more school. Anyone in the life-sciences or in Pre-Med-related majors will have a blast with an interactive workshop on the Psychology of Sports, plus a special spotlight workshop on med school.

Political Science-related majors: I’ve about come to the conclusion that any major with the word ‘science’ in the title is pretty tough. It’s great that Poli-Sci majors have specific workshops like Running for Office and a spotlight workshop on Political Science, but can also take advantage of the skills workshops like those on networking, negotiation, and more. Plus, there’s a special “What to Expect From Law School” workshop, too! All the future world-leaders at the conference not already going to the Leadership Summit should definitely check out the Convention Challenge and see if they’ve got the skills to manage a world-class theme park.

Psychology-related majors: Any Psych majors that read any of the previous blurbs might have caught sight of the workshop called “Psychology and Sports,” which examines “the intersection of sports, psychology and motivation” and lets attendees “learn how psychology and kinesiology connect.” Later on, there’s a spotlight workshop on Psychology, and of course, you can figure out at the Skills Workshops how to shine in interviews, whether grad school is the right option for you, how to effectively communicate, work in groups, and much more!

Undecided Majors: No one ever said picking a major was easy, but at least picking a workshop schedule for the NSCS Convention is! You can participate in the NSCS Digital Mash-Up, creating a digital scrapbook of what it means to be an NSCS member. You can attend Skills Workshops on a number of topics, from scholarship applications and personal statements to interviewing, networking, and negotiating. In any of these skills workshops, you’ll get the chance to meet other NSCS members from a number of majors and ask them about their experiences to maybe help you get an idea of what certain fields are like. Plus, there’s a great CareerTrends spotlight workshop to find out just what jobs are on the fast track, are the best paying, or otherwise meet your needs.

With all these options for NSCS members of any major (or not!), there’s no reason NOT to go to the NSCS Convention 2008. I’m definitely looking forward to all the cool workshops offered in the English-related majors schedule. I hope to get the chance to meet you at some of the workshops at the convention!


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