66 Days Until Convention!

I was at Convention last year and I really loved it. I’m thrilled to say that this year’s will be even better, with all the great workshops and events we have lined up.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you register for the NSCS Convention in Lake Buena Vista, FL, July 17-19.

May 10 is the last day to get $50 off your registration.

Aside from the fact that Phil and I will be there, there are plenty of other great things at Convention:

  • Workshops on great topics like how to be a social entrepreneur, getting into medical/law school, making the most of your liberal arts degree and more. And if you’re not sure what to do when you graduate, we have workshops for that too. Check those all out here and here.
  • Listen to some inspiring and compelling speakers like former MTV correspondent Gideon Yago, filmmaker Rory Kennedy and Oprah’s Big Give contestant Cameron Johnson. Full roster here.
  • The NSCS Convention Challenge: During this event, you’re challenged with a deadline, budget, and unique resources. You’ll need to balance attention to detail and the big picture, to launch a successful Theme Park operation.

Don’t take my word for it– check out these testimonials from last year’s Convention. I wanted to share one with you below, because it reminds me of why this event is such a great opportunity.

The Convention was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It was great to speak with companies, programs, and schools that seek out NSCS students. Plus, being surrounded by many NSCS enthusiasts is always wonderful! The speakers gave me a different perspective on how society is and I learned that any issue can be solved if we remain strong. If I was only given a sentence to sum it all up: Leaving the NSCS Convention and summit, I became more excited about my chapter and about my future than when I had arrived.
Benjamin Tam
University of Illinois at Chicago Chapter President


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